The Pass Street Food Trailer


Phone: 07792 073510

The Pass Food Truck Menu

The Pass Classic

6oz beef burger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, gherkin, ketchup & mustard, in a toasted bun.

£6 (Kids £4.50)

The Pass Skinny Burger

5oz beef burger, cheese, salad and dijon slaw, in a low cal bun


The Pass Double Bacon

Pass Classic cheeseburger with smoked bacon rashers


The Pass Vegetarian

Roasted sweet potato, lima bean and smoked chipotle burger, sriracha mayo and salad. (Can be served as vegan)


The Mexican

Grilled chorizo, fresh chillis, cheese, sliced tomato and sriracha mayo


The Ulimate

The Pass Classic with 14 hr spiced pork shoulder


The Ultimate Ultimate

The Pass Classic with smoked bacon rashers, 14 hour spiced pork shoulder and grilled chorizo


The Pass Protein Monster Burger

8oz beef burger, 2 bacon rashers, 4 slices or chorizo, 2 slices of cheese, 14 hour spiced pork shoulder, peri peri chicken, salad and BBQ sauce


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